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Animal Pregnancy

Scanning Services

Clinics across South Wales, South West, South Midlands And Eastern England (Associated clinic)

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A series of scans from 

the start of pregnancy to delivery.

Wisescan has been running as an ultrasonic business since 1984. Dedicated to following a responsible canine pregnancy programme, the focus is on keeping expectant bitches healthy and happy from mating to delivery.

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animal pregnancy scanning since 1984

I started the business following a comprehensive training course at the research arm of the Scottish Agricultural College - at that time scanning was a new concept. I then spent 2 years scanning volunteer dogs until I felt I had sufficient data to confidently set up Wisescan. Now with over 30 years of scanning experience, I understand the importance of a series of scans to obtain the maximum accuracy of results.

Our Complete Scanning Service

To ensure a more accurate and safer pregnancy, I offer a single charge from start to the delivery. In the absence of pregnancy, I will be checking for other problems including Pyometra; a condition which in inexperienced hands can resemble early pregnancy and which needs immediate action.

dog ultrasound scan

"Essential for peace of mind"

This is the most amazing facility that is an essential procedure to give you peace of mind during your dog’s pregnancy. Our mini wirehaired Dax had her two scans and Barbara was gentle and reassuring. It was a revelation to me to see the pups in utero I never even saw my own babies this way being pregnant pre-pregnancy scans. You can’t go wrong with this service.
Thank you, Barbara.